A Drop Of Positivity

Sends Ripples of New Beginnings 

Holistic Practice Philosophy

Varsha, for past 6 years has been intrigued and interested with the journey within herself. She has taken teacher training in Heal your life based on Louise Hay’s philosophy that “your thought creates your reality”. She has been taking several workshops on it since 2013. She is a certified Life coach and Business trainer too.

She is also a certified and licensed facilitator of Access Bars and takes classes for the same. She is an excellent “BODY &BUSINESS WHISPERER” where in she taps into the limitations one traps in ones body and facilitate the client to move forward in their life or speaks to your business.

Varsha Rane

Heal your life

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results



Described by many as "healing" and “transformative”, this workshop is based on the revolutionary work of the renowned metaphysical teacher Louise L Hay. This gentle, healing workshop leads you through a personal evolution



Run your bars.  There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched , effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. It’s like hitting the delete button on your computer. 

I truly believe that healing need not be a serious affair. It can be done with joy too. “ HEALING PARTY “ happens every month. The day and venue is not fixed. I facilitate a short workshop which experiential followed by fun and games. So who is willing to join us on this fun ride ?

"The role of a facilitator is not to align and agree with the problem you believe you have, but to open the door to the world of possibility you may have forgotten exists" These ones on one sessions would help you get clarity and awareness of challenging situations in your life.



‘Heal Your Life’ was an amazing experience which took me to discover myself. I could see the scares, doubts, fears and beliefs about myself very easily and released from my mind very easily with few tools. This workshop will give me energy and a way to think about my future and create my new life.

I can use these tools on a daily basis as they are in terms of exercises and affirmations which I can do anywhere. I  could see substantial change the very next day in the behaviour of my spouse which was highly needed. This workshop teaches us the art of living and loving and gives a strong message that our thoughts create our life. Looking forward for more such sessions. A Big thanks for the support!

- Shubhilal Agraval

I am really thankful to universe that it gives me 2 wonderful days in my life. These 2 days workshop had change my life, my thought. I am feeling positivity in my mind. I forgive that person whom I hated very much. I flush him out in my life. I feel very peaceful. Thanks for that.

Now I am taking all positive things & lots of love with me for my family.

Thank you so much.

- Shilpa

I am very thankful to Varsha Ma’am for giving me this opportunity to attend this work shop, as I was not aware about my inner feeling. I Can see the changes in me & my life . Now my life is easy . I am very thankful to ma’am for showing me the new way to live my life. Thank you so much ma’am.

- Siddhi